Accounts Receivable Finance FAQ

What makes unique?
Where others may look at your business only though a standard form application, we want to hear to your story - your situation, your goals and your obstacles. We excel at designing creative solutions that meet your business’ unique needs.
What is accounts receivable financing?
It’s a form of secured lending that gives businesses short-term financing by selling their trade receivables or pledging receivables as collateral for a loan. Accounts receivable financing is a flexible way of obtaining credit, since borrowers’ financing costs are directly related to their business cycle.
Is it really that easy to get started with ARF?
Yes, just give us a call and we can discuss your situation.
How long does it take to receive money?
As quickly as 3 days once you provide us all the necessary information.
Do you fund companies in bankruptcy?
Yes. Every situation is different. Give us a call so we can understand your situation.
If I have tax problems will you fund me?
Yes. Everyone’s situation is different - including yours. Give us a call so we can discuss your situation.
My personal credit is poor. Does my personal credit score matter?
No. We understand that everyone’s personal situation is different. Give us a call so we can understand yours.
Can I receive same day funding?
Yes once you’re an active client, same day funding is available.
A percentage of my customers are foreign overseas. Will I still get funding?
We offer many options for working with talented receivables from overseas companies.
Do you work with start-ups?
Yes. We’ve assisted many start-ups who are now successful, longstanding and established businesses.
I have a bank loan, can I also get receivables lending?
Yes, in fact, bankers often find comfort in working with us. We can discuss the details of situation (for example what assets are encumbered or not encumbered), so we can understand what makes up your loan.
Do I have to exit my bank relationship and just work with you?
No. You can work with banks and still work with us.
Do I have to personally guarantee the financing I receive?
Depending on your situation, you may qualify for non-recourse. Call us to discuss the details.
Do you work with foreign receivables?
We work with companies that have an array of unique needs. Call us to discuss your situation.

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