About AccountsReceivableFinancing.com

To us, every deal starts with a clean sheet of paper — you’re not just a number, you’re a business with a history, ideas, expertise and goals, and we want to hear about it all. This process makes us different, and it’s why you can trust us to help you find a solution to your cash flow concerns. As a commercial finance company we specialize in a variety of industries — including staffing, freight, apparel, manufacturing and more — and we know your business is unique. All it takes is a call to get the process started — let us tailor a solution that fits your needs. 

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Our Fast & Easy Process

It’s easy to apply, with quick approval and turnaround — so you get your cash wired fast.

  • Submit your invoice
  • You receive approval
  • You get your money ASAP (up to 80-90%)
  • Payment is received from your customer
  • You get paid the balance due

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